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Have you heard of popovers?

Popovers are similar to England’s Yorkshire pudding. Contrary to what I grew up believing, “pudding” refers to a whole world of culinary experiences beyond the custardy and sugary variety that comes in flavors like chocolate or vanilla or banana. In the case of Yorkshire pudding, we’re talking about an eggy, puffy roll that is traditionally served with gravy and made using the fat or drippings from that day’s meat.

Because it’s the 21st century, you can make popovers with butter or vegetable oil, and since they’re often served with jams and cream and butter, it works out. They’re freakin’ delicious. (more…)

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Hey team! I hope that the absence of bread writing in your life for the past couple weeks hasn’t been too painful. I made these bagels a while ago, but they turned out fantastic so maybe it’ll be worth the wait.

This bagel recipe is from Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, and one thing I enjoy about this book is Reinhart’s writing. He’s an absurdly talented baker who can make all kinds of amazing bread, but he’s able to come across as a guy who just loves bread a lot. I can relate. He opens this recipe with gusto, asserting that there “are two kinds of people in the world: those who like chewy water bagels and those who prefer softer steamed bagels” (121). I’ll eat either, honestly, but if presented with a great New York-style bagel and a steamed bagel from this or that chain, I’ll always pick the chewy water bagel.  (more…)

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Right up front, there is something you need to know: I think these rolls are way more work than they are worth. (more…)

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So far, I’ve made a lot of enriched bread. Last week was a bit of an intro to more bare-bones bread, but we all saw how that turned out.

Today is for ciabatta. I love ciabatta. Have you tried ciabatta? Well, now you have to try it. I really wanted to show off  today because there have been a couple semi-flubs in a row, so here’s me. Flaunting. (more…)

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Hey squad!

For my fourth recipe test, I decided to showcase a recipe that I’ve been trying and testing and adjusting since Gloria became a full-fledged starter.

You can find the recipe here, at King Arthur Flour’s website, and the name is pretty descriptive: Artisan Sourdough Bread made with a Stiff Starter. (more…)

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Well hello, friends!

Once again, I chose a recipe from Bread Illustrated by America’s Test Kitchen. This time, having acquired a loaf pan, I decided to make some sandwich bread of the American variety.  (more…)

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Hey team.

Thanks for tuning in for the inaugural post of Millennial Loaves! I decided to tackle a recipe from Bread Illustrated by America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) for an Italian bread first because I currently do not possess a sandwich loaf pan.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and what not.


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