Digital Kitchen Scale: 

Should you plan on ever baking anything from scratch, I insist you invest in a kitchen scale. Preferably a digital kitchen scale, and preferably one that is going to be reliable, but if you’re attached to the idea of an old school dial scale, by all means, indulge your hipster self. I use this digital scale by OXO ($30) and it’s wonderful because you can pull the display out which proves useful in many situations, but I also have used this one by Ozeri ($12) and not been disappointed. Maybe check out this killer blog and eat in this week, save some dolla bills, and put that Amazon Prime account to good use.

Why do I insist that you acquire a digital scale? Because if I scoop out 1 cup of flour and you scoop out 1 cup of flour, they will likely weigh different amounts which is just no good, and a recipe expects your 1 cup of all-purpose flour to equal 4.5 ounces. Plus, having a scale just makes measuring out ingredients—especially weird ones like brown sugar and syrup—super simple.


Bowl Scraper:


Bench Scraper:


Large Glass Bowl:




Cloche (covered baker):

Parchment Paper:

Lame (or sharp knife):

Instant Read Thermometer: